upload website on google
upload website on google

How to upload WordPress website/blog on Google Search ?

How to upload WordPress website/blog on Google Search ? : Today i am going to tell you about how to upload your website or blogs on google search console. If you have made a website or blogs without adding on google search engine your blog can’t be a success. By adding on google search you will get more visitors and you will earn more online or you will get more customers.

How to upload website/blog on Google Search ?

You may upload your blogs/sites using various methods. If you are using WordPress you may install Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed plugin. You will get all the services form google in one plugin. This plugin is most important to WordPress user.

If your are using blogger.com you have yo upload your blogs through google search console. Via google search console we can add our any kids of websites.

How to upload WordPress website/blog on Google Search?

If you have made a site or blog on WordPress you can add your sites using one simple plugins. Here i am telling you how to do step by step. Please follow this steps to upload your site on google search console.

If you want to learn how to install WordPress on cPanel please read this How to install WordPress in cPanel ?

If you want to learn how what after installing WordPress please read this Basic settings after installing WordPress

01 : install plugin : Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed
02 : Activate and click on SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.
03 : Verify you are the owner of your sites or blogs.
04 : Give access Google Account data
05 : in set up in Search Console. click on add

Now you are done with set up, You can click on Go to my Dashboard and go to your Site kits Dashboard.

On your site kits dashboard you can see your site’s performance result.

You may go to your google search console page and you will find your domain property which already auto verified.

How to upload sitemap on google search console of WordPress sites ?

After uploading your sites on google search console you have to upload your site’s sitemap to index your sites properly and rank your sites or your content on google search.

follow this steps to upload sitemaps.

01 : install any SEO plugins and set up.
02 : type your sitemap url on bowers like this yourdomainname.com/sitemap.xml
03 : You will get your sitemaps and you have to copy new changed link. like yourdomainname.com/sitemap_index.xml
04 : Copy /sitemap_index.xml and paste in to a sitemap section like this and click on


After successfully submitted sitemap on search console google can index each and every corner of your sites as per your SEO plugins you have set.

Congratulation ! Your WordPress site is on google.

How to check is your site URL on Google or not ?

After successfully added your site on google search you may check your site in live on google or not and google is indexing or not. To Inspect URL click on URL Inspection tab and type or copy paste your URL and go for URL Inspection.

If your URL is live you will see URL is on Google with Green Tick mark. If not you may click on Request Index and TEST LIVE URL button.
Here you can see is your site is ok or not. If there showing any error please fix this and try again. You can also see when was last time indexed your site by Google.

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