What/Who is Web Nerd Zone?

Web Nerd Zone is a web portal / YouTube Channel where anyone can learn Blogging, Website building. I am here to here to teach how to do blogging or build website with advance SEO tricks & tips. You may read my articles in Blog page. and you can also watch me on YouTube.

This website and YouTube Channel is hosted and managed by Pradip AleMgr. I am graphics/web designer and developer. You may visit my personal site for more info about me. Site URL : www.pradipalemgr.com.np

I do so many blogging and website designing. I do share my experience here which may helps to everyone who is interested in blogging or website building. I am not a specialist i may wrong somewhere but all the my articles are not a free writings i write on my practical and experience basis.

If you need to contact me you may contact me on Contact page or email : [email protected]

Your Suggestions and Feedbacks are allways welcome.  Your Suggestions and Feedbacks encourage me to do focus on my work. I will write more & more genuine and useful posts which helps everyone. You may comment on individual post or send emails.

Thank You !
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