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How to create FREE blog in blogger and earn money online ? : We can create free blogs on and make money online. is free resources to create blogs/website and money earning platform.

Now we are going to create a professional news portal on Blogger using completely free resources.
No need to purchase domain name, No need to purchase any kind of hosting, No need to pay for theme. After reading this article you may create FREE blog/website in blogger and make money online.

First of all you have to choose your niche or keywords and prepare some Logo, Fav icon (Fav icon is your site icon which is use for show in tap of browser). i am not providing my files here because of some protocols. you may ask for a files in contact page i will send you in email.  Here i have explain step by step full process how to create a news portal. You have to follow these steps for create a professional news site. After creating site you can earn money by placing google ads on your site or doing affiliates or direct contact your local clients.

Before starting to create you can visit demo sites which we are going to create. If you like this demo website then you may follow these steps. If you are not going to create website like this you can get so many useful tips & tricks by reading these article.

Create Free Blog in

Step 01 : Go to and click on Sign in Button

Step 2 : Sign in with Google account (blogger is product of google)

Step 3 : Type your title for Blog

Step 4 : Choose url address for your site. (Now you have to go with subdomain. You can change url with your custom domain name later)

Step 5 : Click on Next Button and Type your Display name and Click on Finished

Congratulation ! your blog is created.

Some time blogger can show you this types of notice. but don’t worry Simply click on request  review and wait some time until get reviewed.

Now we are on Our Dashboard page. You can see Menu panel on left side.

Click on view blog tab for view your site. Now our sites if looks like this a simple and obviously not beautiful.

Now we will design and make it beautiful website.

Step 6 : Go to settings and set some basic settings now. like
1. add description about your site with best keywords this description helps to rank seo  on google.
2. if you are going to post adult content then set settings otherwise leave it as it is.
3. Upload Fav icon ( Fav icon size 512px X 512px)
4. Turn on Visible to search engines
5. Turn on HTTPS redirect
6. Comment moderation set for always.
7. set time zone
8. Enable search description & set keywords in Search description.
(About all the SEO related settings i will tell in my next future SEO post)

Step 07 : now add some posts. ( I am copy and pasting some demo content.)

How to write a post in blogger.

Step 08 : Click on +New Post tab. Change HTML mode to Compose Mode if you prefer HTML mode you can write in HTML. Add title and write content on content area. you can upload image, change typography, text color etc.

Step 09 : customize some post setting at right side of screen.

  1. Labels : it is a categories of your post
  2. Set permalink as your post title in custom
  3. Set Keywords for your post rank on google in search description.

Step 10 : Now click on Publish. You can edit and update post letter if you need.

Upload a theme in Blogger

Now we are going to upload a beautiful theme. You can search free theme on google. Now i am going to install Chicmag Theme.
Step 11 : Download Free theme.

Step 12 : Go to theme panel Click on Drop down Button by right side of Customize option.

Step 13 : Click on restore then Click on upload.

Upload theme which you have downloaded. you have to upload theme in .xml to .txt format.

After successfully uploading theme. you can check first looks of new version of your site.

Blogs on
Blogs on

Step 14 : Click on Layout on Menu.

Layout setting panel on blogger
Layout setting panel on blogger

Here you can customize your theme settings.

  1. Upload your logo (choose “Instead of title and description” and turn on Shrink to fit)
  2. Create menu (you have to create list with links your page or labels links)
  3.  customize all the section as your choice
  4. Don’t forget to save after made any changes.
Please enjoy your Beautiful website !

For More settings please follow my future posts. Thank You !
If you need any helps please leave a comment below.

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