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How to manage DNS records FREE ? – WEBnerd

How to manage DNS records FREE ? : DNS is stand for Domain Name Server. DNS management is most important for connect domain and hosting and many more. We call our hosting ip address, nameserver, subdomain, search engine webmaster verification etc.

How to manage DNS records FREE ?

Step 01 : Go to

Step 02 : Click in Register & fill your all details and  Register your account. (If you have already account then click on Log in)

Step 03 : Click on Free DNS in Quick Link Box

Step 04 : Click on Add a new domain  in Zone Function Box

Step 05 : Add your domain (without www. shown as example)

Step 06 : Click on Edit Zone icon

Step 07 : Now, Go to your Domain Provider’s Client dashboard page. and go to edit Name server.

Step 08 : Set your Name Server like this. (Nameserver 1 :, Nameserver 2 : and click on Edit DNS or Save.

* Name Server can take sometime to save and apply successfully. after successfully applied Nameserver you will see interface like this.

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